1. Account Creation Policies
    1. Accounts are available to current students, faculty, and staff of New Mexico State University.
    2. An account is issued for the current school year.
  2. Storage space for accounts.
    1. Each account is given 250GB of quota on /home.
    2. Each account is given 1024GB of quota on /scratch. 
  3. Backups and data retention
    1. ICT will make nightly backups of /home, these backups are kept for 30 days. Files in /home will be kept as long as your account is active. If your account remains inactive for 6 months, your files in /home will be deleted.
    2. ICT does not make backups of /scratch. Files in /scratch older than 90 days will be automatically deleted.
  4. Acceptable Usage
    1. Accounts are to be used for official university functions only.