New Mexico EPSCoR


New Mexico State University would like to welcome all New Mexico EPSCoR Institutions researchers to use our HPC resources. With the EPSCoR grant money we were able to upgrade and grow our cluster by 4 Lenovo SR650 nodes(with 2 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs, 192GB of RAM and two Intel Xeon Gold 5218 2.3G CPUs with 16 cores), one SR850 Optane DC persistent memory node(3 TB of RAM and four Intel Xeon Gold 5218 2.3G CPUs with 16 cores), one SR850 high memory node(3TB of RAM and four Intel Xeon Gold 5218 2.3G CPUs with 16 cores), and 600TB of storage. These resource are reserved for you and HPC team can’t wait to have you on board.


Complete the Course

  • To get an account, you need to complete the Onboarding course. You can either choose a Self-Paced Onboarding course or 1-on-1 meeting with a HPC team member. For more details about the Onboarding, refer to Onboarding Section which has detailed instructions.

Account Request Form

  • After the Onboarding is done, the next step is to complete the Account Request Form.

  • In the form’s first page, select the appropriate Type of User Onboarding option which is completed and then proceed to the next page. In the second page, fill your information and you need to select Affiliate(Non-NMSU User) for the Affiliation with NMSU. You are required to complete the HPC Affiliate Authorization Form.

    HPC Affiliate Authorization Form

    • Complete section 1 of the form. After you have completed section 1, and signed, please email the form to Selena Connealy, at the EPSCoR office, to verify your inclusion in EPSCoR.

  • After the account request form is submitted, HPC team will review the request and then contact you within 1–7 business days. Feel free to contact at if you have any concerns/doubts.

  • Your submitted account request won’t be processed until HPC team have received the signed form from the EPSCoR office.

You can also refer to the section → Affiliates Documentation support which has information related to affiliates account access, setting up VPN, reset password, so on.

First-Time Login

The first step after receiving your Discovery access is to complete the first-time login process in Open OnDemand Discovery Portal. Open OnDemand provides a web GUI to access all the Discovery’s HPC resources. To complete the first-time login process, follow the instructions in this page → First-Time Login for Affiliates. After the first-time login process is completed, you can start using the Discovery resources.

Slurm Partition

EPSCoR has its own Slurm partition and account name called epscor. The default soft quota per users home directory is set to 1TB to serve everyone better. If you need more space or you have any other questions about Discovery, please email at

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