Module Tutorial

Module software package provides dynamic modification of the system environment though using command

module [switches] [sub-command] [sub-command-args]

Module allows users on Joker to plug-and-play with different software applications, and switch between different versions fast and easy. Available software applications managed by Module on Joker can be found below: (to request additional software application)
Software Module nameSource
CUDA SDK version 7cuda7
DIYABC 2.1.0diyabc/210
GNU Compiler Collection 5.2gcc/
Gromacs 5.1gromacs/
JAVA JDK version 7java/jdk7
JAVA JDK version 8java/jdk8
Julia 0.3.11julia/
Mathlab Version R2015Amatlab/r2015a
METIS 5.1.0metis/510
MPICH version 3mpi/mpich-x86_64CentOS stock RPM
OpenMPI version 1.6mpi/openmpi-x86_64CentOS stock RPM
NCL version 6.21ncl-621
GNU Octave version 4octave/400
Parmetis 4.0.3parmetis/403
PGI Compilers & Tools 16.4pgi/16.4
Python 2.7.11python/2711
Python 3.5.1python/3511
R version 312R/312
R version 322R/322
R version 322 compiled with OpenBLASR/322-openblas
suitesparse version 4.4.5suitesparse-445


Example 1 – checking available modules
[user@joker ~]$ module avail 
------------------------------------------ /usr/share/Modules/modulefiles -----------------------------------------------------------------
dot         module-git  module-info modules     null        use.own 
------------------------------------------------- /etc/modulefiles ------------------------------------------------------------------------
cuda7              java/jdk8          mpi/mpich-x86_64   ncl-621            R/312              R/322-openblas     suitesparse-445 
java/jdk-7         java/jdk-8u25      mpi/openmpi-x86_64 octave/400         R/322              
Example 2 – loading a module
[user@joker ~]$ module load cuda7
 CUDA version 7.0 added to environment.
Example 3 – listing loaded modules
[user@joker ~]$ module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
 1) cuda7 2) R/322-openblas
Example 4 – unloading a module
[user@joker ~]$ module unload R/322-openblas
Example 5 – unloading all loaded modules at once
[user@joker ~]$ module clear

Are you sure you want to clear all loaded modules!? [n] y
[user@joker ~]$ module purge

More detail can be found on Linux man page and The Environment Modules Project