Joker Basics

So you have an account on Joker, now what?


Joker descriptive information


Beginning work on Joker:

Log onto Joker:
[user@yourComp ~]$ ssh
['s password: 
Want some software installed? Just let us know and we'll do our best to get
it setup for you.

Need help? Please email 

You can report issues with this system by sending email to
[user@discovery ~]$


Change your password:
[user@discovery ~]$ passwd


Learn how to access installed software: the module system.

Note: You can request to have software installed, but at the moment this process is taking weeks.  If you need your software before then and it doesn’t require root access (many don’t), you can install the software in your local environment.  Read the installation documentation to know how to install your new, favorite software.  If you find yourself encountering errors or problems, please join us during office hours (recommended) or email

Learn how to work on compute nodes.

Note: Although you can start programs and analysis on the head node (where you are when you log into Joker), this is not recommended.  Not only does the head node not have much computing power, but you can hurt/slow the entire system.  You can, however, work both interactively and using the queueing system on the compute nodes.  If you are unsure of where you are working or how to work, please join us during office hours (recommended) or email We would love to help you better work with Joker.