Hardware Resources

We currently maintain one HPC cluster:


CPUs (cores)968
GPUsNVidia Tesla K40 and NVidia Tesla P100
InterconnectInfiniband FDR (56Gbps)
SchedulerSlurm 17.11
HardwareLenovo NextScale 360 M5, SR650, SR670, SR850, Dell R440 and R740

Software Resources

ICT’s Systems administration team is working to build a library of open source scientific software for use on our computing resources. Unless otherwise noted, all of the software described on this page is available on Discovery.

Requesting Software

If there is any open source/freely available software that you’d like to use, you can request that we install it by filling out our software request form. All requested software must be compatible with the latest version of RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Available Software

See this text file, modules_list , for a list of all modules as of March 2019.