Software Library

ICT’s Systems administration team is working to build a library of open source scientific software for use on our computing resources. Unless otherwise noted, all of the software described on this page is available on Joker, and Twoface.

Requesting Software

If there is open source/freely available software that you’d like to use, you can request that we install it by filling out our software request form. All requested software must be compatible with the latest version of RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Please contact us if you need commercial software installed.

Available Software
Software Module nameSource
CUDA SDK version 7cuda7
DIYABC 2.1.0diyabc/210
GNU Compiler Collection 5.2gcc/
Gromacs 5.1gromacs/
JAVA JDK version 7java/jdk7
JAVA JDK version 8java/jdk8
Julia 0.3.11julia/
Mathlab Version R2015Amatlab/r2015a
METIS 5.1.0metis/510
MPICH version 3mpi/mpich-x86_64CentOS stock RPM
OpenMPI version 1.6mpi/openmpi-x86_64CentOS stock RPM
NCL version 6.21ncl-621
GNU Octave version 4octave/400
Parmetis 4.0.3parmetis/403
PGI Compilers & Tools 16.4pgi/16.4
Python 2.7.11python/2711
Python 3.5.1python/3511
R version 312R/312
R version 322R/322
R version 322 compiled with OpenBLASR/322-openblas
suitesparse version 4.4.5suitesparse-445