Documentation to assist new writers & developers who would like to contribute to the official website HPC. The prerequisites for new writers are listed below point_down


The requirements for contributing to the HPC documentation are:

  • Documentation writers must have access to the docs-ui and docs-site repository in the following address → NMSU ICT GitLab.

Only HPC team from NMSU can offer documentation support at this point. To view the team, refer to the site → HPC staff

  • Access to Discovery Cluster and Open OnDemand.

  • Knowledge of using Git commands. To learn more, check → Using Git.

  • Basic knowledge of writing documentation in AsciiDoc format → AsciiDoc for HPC.

  • Use of Antora integration for the HPC docs site → Antora.

  • Guide to the docs-site code repository → Adding New Docs.

  • Brief on how CI/CD plays it’s role in the development of the HPC docs site → CI/CD.

  • Guide on configuring extensions → Extensions.

  • Setting up GitLab → GitLab Setup.

  • Guide to make changes to the Slurm Script Generator → Slurm Script Generator

  • Guide to the UI design code repository → UI Design.

  • Guide to the Vale tool and it’s role in the spelling/grammar checks of the website → Vale.