HPC team uses Antora which is a static site generator and makes it easy for tech writers to create documentation and publish it to the web. Antora uses a markup language called AsciiDoc to write documentation. Basically, you organize the documentation files into a standard project structure and store them in one or more content(Git) repositories. Antora picks up the content from the repositories and publishes it as a website. Antora enables you to store content in a version control system, separate content/configuration, reuse shared materials. Hence, your documentation is easier to manage and enhance.

Producing a site

There are two repositories docs-ui, docs-site involved in producing the documentation site for HPC. The docs-ui repository is responsible for serving UI by creating an UI bundle using build scripts. the docs-site repository takes up this UI bundle and converts the AsciiDoc content files into HTML and produces the website.




Project Structure


Project Structure


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