Discovery HPC Cluster


Welcome to Discovery HPC at New Mexico State University!

a diagram illustrating the pipeline stages


Discovery cluster is a collection of computers, or nodes, that communicate using InfiniBand, making it an ideal location to scale computational analysis from your personal computer. The High performance computing (HPC) cluster is free to use for current students, faculty, and staff for both research, and teaching. Discovery is equipped with Lenovo nx360, SR650, SR670, SR850, Dell R440, and R740 hardware. It runs Slurm scheduling manager.

Who Manages the Discovery?

The HPC team in the NMSU Information and Communication Technologies(ICT) department oversees the Discovery cluster. HPC team provides a variety of ways to help the researchers and students in computational tasks. ICT provides the cyber-infrastructure needed for cluster computing, while the compute resources are owned and expanded by the members of the NMSU community. Discovery follows the condo model and hence, it removes the stress of administering the large computational equipment from researchers and encourages them investing in communal resources.

Who Discovery is For?

If you have any computationally intensive tasks which need to be executed quickly or need more storage space than the normal PC, then Discovery is the perfect place to run such tasks. Also, Discovery is available to the NMSU researchers and students for free. You can use Discovery to perform the tasks like mathematical calculations, fluid dynamics calculations, pattern matching, data collection, graph analysis, nuclear energy research, cryptology, and much more.

Discovery’s Hardware Configuration

The team maintains one HPC cluster currently and the below table shows the hardware configuration of the HPC cluster.

HPC Cluster Configuration Values


Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8 (RHEL 8)




Slurm 22.05.11


InfiniBand HDR (100Gbps)

Total Nodes

54 (38 CPU nodes, 16 GPU nodes)

Getting Started with Discovery

  • NMSU User

  • Affiliate(Non-NMSU User)

If you are a NMSU User, proceed to the following link → Guide for NMSU Users to kick-start with Discovery to complete the Onboarding steps and gain access to Discovery.

If you are an Affiliate, proceed to the following link → Guide for Affiliates to kick-start with Discovery to complete the Onboarding steps and get Discovery access.