How it Began?

The ICT Supercomputer came as project of two ICT employers from the systems group. They came with the idea to help researchers run their computations on a more powerful machine that they had sitting in their offices. In the Summer of 2015 Student Technology Advisory Committee approved funding for ICT Supercomputer called Joker. With initial funding, 7 Lenovo nx360 nodes were bought from which one of those nodes had 2 GPUs NVIDIA K40s. A year later Joker had been upgraded with 7 more Lenovo nx360 which brought the total number of nodes to 14. Then, the 3rd upgrade increased the node count to 16 and 328 CPU cores. As of May 17th, 2018, ICT Supercomputer called Joker changed name to Discovery. In February 2019, as a part condominium model, 10 nodes Dell R440, and 5 Dell R740 nodes with 2 GPUs NVIDIA P100s per node were added. Moreover, at the begging of 2019 another Dell R740 node with 2 GPUs NVIDIA P100s was added. In September 2019, as a part of EPSCoR grant, 6 more nodes were added. Two of those are Lenovo SR850 high memory nodes with 3TB of memory and 4 Lenovo SR650 with 2 GPUs NVIDIA P100s per node. As of today, Discovery has 54 compute nodes(36 CPU nodes and 16 GPU nodes), with total of 1,536 cores.

As of 2019, ICT Supercomputer Discovery has its logo. Hiba Muhyi, an undergraduate majoring in Biology, and a student aide in ICT PC Server Administration created the winning logo. While designing the logo Hiba wanted to include different elements that represent discovery like life and physical sciences, technology, so on, in a creative, and artistic way. Hiba is honored to have her logo design been chosen.

Discovery Logo