Spring 2020

Spring 2020 workshop recordings and presentation materials are available in the following links:


Presentation Materials


Introduction to Git (Recording)


This workshop covers the introduction to Git(version control system), how to install and use Git for projects, and hands-on examples.

Introduction to MS Excel (Recording)


The workshop will cover the fundamentals of MS Excel like data formatting, cell reference, functions, data manipulation, charts, and solver.

Introduction to Python (Recording)


This workshop covers the basics of python programming like syntax, data types, console output, conditionals, control flow, functions, lists, dictionaries, file input/output, loops, and anaconda.

Introduction to R Part 1 (Recording)


This workshop covers the fundamentals of the R programming language like variables, vectors, matrices, lists, data frames, so on.

Introduction to R Part 2 (Recording)


This workshop covers how to deal with datasets using R and how to visualize the data in the form of plots to get meaningful insights.

Introduction to SPSS (Recording)


This workshop explains how to use the IBM SPSS Statistics software to perform statistical analysis.

Introduction to Supercomputing and Discovery (Recording)


This workshop helps the beginners to understand about Supercomputing and how to run and submit simple jobs to Discovery.

Introduction to Slurm (Recording)


This workshop covers the basic Slurm commands, modules, creating, and submitting jobs using Slurm, and other Slurm utilities.

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