Quotas and Folders

Quotas in Discovery

Quotas are the disk space available for all the HPC users to use it for their computational tasks. Every new user gets the following quotas when their account gets created in Discovery.


Disk Space






It’s the default directory or the working environment provided by the Linux. Whenever you login to the Discovery cluster, you are in the home/<your-username> folder. It’s recommended to store data which is relatively small in the home folder because you have only 100GB of storage. This folder is meant for long-term storage of data.


The scratch folder is ideal for jobs that has a lot of reading/writing tasks and involves a lot of disk space. However, /scratch folder isn’t backed up by the HPC team and hence it’s advisable to place only the temporary files in it. The files present in this directory gets deleted after some time if remain unaccessed. The reason behind the large storage space in scratch folder is to allow the users to work with the large datasets. Also, it allows to have a working environment that can handle huge volumes of data.

HPC team does nightly backups of data. To learn more about backups refer to the page Backups and data retention in Discovery

Project Space

Project space is now available for users who would like to work in a group and share files.

Those who are members of labs now have a project space available and have access to /project/[PI_NMSU_ID]. Each project space has 500GB of FREE storage and can be increased upon request at a minimal cost. The project space has been designed to be a group space where lab members can share files. It increases collaboration among the group and decreases the need to duplicate files and upload the same large file multiple times. A project space can be requested by a faculty member by submitting the project space request form point_right Project Space Request Form

If you have any questions regarding project space, please feel free to contact hpc-team@nmsu.edu