Showing Available Packages

To show all available packages on Spack, you type:

spack list


==> 5608 packages.
3dtk                                      py-elephant
3proxy                                    py-emcee
abduco                                    py-empy
abi-compliance-checker                    py-entrypoints
abi-dumper                                py-enum34
abinit                                    py-envisage
abseil-cpp                                py-ephem
abyss                                     py-epydoc
accfft                                    py-espresso

You can filter the results to show packages based on a query string. Spack automatically adds wildcards to both ends of the string, or you can add your own wildcards. For example, to view all available python packages, you type:

spack list *py-*


==> 1431 packages.
lumpy-sv                                  py-mo-pack
perl-file-copy-recursive                  py-mock
py-3to2                                   py-modred
py-4suite-xml                             py-moltemplate
py-abipy                                  py-monotonic
py-absl-py                                py-monty

For more details go to Spack Documentation.

To explore available packages, you can look at available package list.