Welcome to Discovery

This page provides useful links and documentation support for NMSU users to help them kick-start with the Discovery.

The below guide explains the first-time login process only for NMSU Users. If you are an Affiliate, refer the following page → First-Time Login for Affiliates(Non-NMSU Users)

To get access to Discovery, you are required to complete the steps one by one:

Step 1 - Complete the Onboarding Course

  • The first step is to complete the Onboarding course. The Onboarding session is one of the prerequisites to get the discovery access. Users can either complete a Self-Paced Onboarding course or 1-on-1 meeting with a HPC team member. For more details about the Onboarding, refer to Onboarding Section which has detailed instructions.

Step 2 - Account Request Form

  • Once the Onboarding is done, the next step is to complete the Account Request Form. Once the account request form is submitted, HPC team will review the request and then contact you within 1–7 business days.

In the Account Request Form, select the appropriate Type of User Onboarding option which is completed in Step 1.

Step 3 - Complete First-Time Login

  • The first step after getting the Discovery access is to complete the first-time login process in Open OnDemand Discovery Portal. Open OnDemand provides a web GUI to access all the Discovery’s HPC resources.

  • To complete the first-time login process, follow the instructions in this page → First-Time Login for NMSU Users. After the first-time login process is completed, you can start using the Discovery resources.

SSH or SFTP Login

  • If you want to do SSH or SFTP login to Discovery, you have to connect to the NMSU VPN network first. To do that, refer to the instructions → NMSU VPN Access

  • Once connected to the NMSU VPN successfully, you can do SSH login by following the instructions in the page → OpenSSH


Questions/comments/issues, reach out to our HPC team by sending an e-mail to hpc-team@nmsu.edu