Running jobs on HPC clusters may require preinstalled software. For example, to run a python script, users need to have the appropriate python installed. Discovery allows user to use software to accomplish their research. Discovery users can use pre-instaled software, install their own software, or submit a software request to get software installed by the HPC team. This section shows users how to use software on Discovery.

Software Policies

New Mexico State University’s HPC team provides support to its users by installing and maintaining needed software on the system. HPC teams has its own Software Policies

Software Availability (How to Find Software)

When a user wants to accomplish a task on Discovery, he may need to have software installed and loaded to the environment before starting the task. Some software systems are available on Discovery, and they can be loaded to the environment using environment modules. For example, if you need software as a dependency of your task, you can search for that using module commands as shown in the Module Environments and Commands.

Building Software

If the software that you need isn’t available, Discovery allows you to install it. This can be accomplished using a tool called SStack. It’s a tool to install multiple software stacks, such as Spack and Anaconda (miniforge/micromamba). These stacks are then linked together, using Lmod module files. You can use the stacks to install your required software, then you will be able to use it through environmental modules.

Software Request

If you didn’t find software you need on Discovery, and you weren’t able to install it using the SStack tool, you can submit a software request to the HPC team to get it installed.