Custom type allows user to build packages manually.

How to Install custom?

You can use the SStack tool to install custom where you can build software by hand. For example, to install custom stack named 2023A in your home directory, run command:

sstack install -t custom -n 2023A

This creates a module file that you can load in your environment to be able to use the stack to manage software, as shown in the following:

module use "/home/tahat/sstack/modules"
module load custom/2023A

SStack tool creates four different directories as shown in the following:

tree ~/sstack/stacks/custom/2023A/
├── builds
├── modules
├── packages
└── sources

4 directories, 0 files

You can use those directories to install your packages. Then, you can create module files for the installed package in the modules directory.