Finding Username

Documentation to help you retrieve the HPC Username in case you missed to note down during the first-time login process.

How to Find/Retrieve?

The HPC Username can be retrieved from the account management portal. To retrieve it, click → NMSU HPC Account Management Portal and enter your login credentials. On successful authentication, you will be routed to the a similar screen like below.

Finding username
  • For SSH or SFTP logins to access Discovery, VPN is required if you are outside of the NMSU network. To download and connect to NMSU VPN, you need HPC username and password.

  • HPC Username can be retrieved using the above method and your HPC Password will be the one you set in the account management portal during the first-time login process(First-Time Login - HPC Account Password).

  • For more information on how to access discovery using SSH through NMSU VPN, please refer to Affiliate(Non-NMSU User) section in the following link point_right Access Discovery Via SSH.