pkgsrc is a powerful package management system for Unix-like operating systems. It’s primarily known for its role on NetBSD, where it serves as the default package manager, but is also portable and can be used on a variety of other platforms.

Key Features

  1. Easy building of software from source. The source and latest patches are retrieved from a master or mirror download site, checksum verified, then built on your system.

  2. All packages are installed in a consistent directory tree.

  3. Tracking of package dependencies automatically, including when performing updates, to ensure required packages are installed.

  4. pkgsrc is designed with portability in mind and consists of highly portable code. This allows the greatest speed of development when porting to a new platform. This portability also ensures that pkgsrc is consistent across all platforms.

  5. The entire source (not including the distribution files) is freely available under a BSD license, so you may extend and adapt pkgsrc to your needs.