Welcome to Discovery

This page provides useful links and documentation support for Affiliates help them kick-start with the Discovery.

To get access to Discovery, you are required to complete the steps one by one:

Step 1 - Complete the Onboarding Course

  • The first step is to complete the Onboarding course. The Onboarding session is one of the prerequisites to get the discovery access. Users can either complete a Self-Paced Onboarding course or 1-on-1 meeting with a HPC team member. For more details about the Onboarding, refer to Onboarding Section which has detailed instructions.

Step 2 - Account Request Form

  • Once the Onboarding is done, the next step is to complete the Account Request Form.

  • In the form’s first page, select the appropriate Type of User Onboarding option which is completed in Step 1 and then proceed to the next page.

  • In the second page, fill your information and you need to select Affiliate(Non-NMSU User) for the Affiliation with NMSU. You are required to complete the HPC Affiliate Authorization Form.

HPC Affiliate Authorization Form

  • Affiliate(EPSCoR)

  • Affiliate(Non-NMSU User)

  • If you are an EPSCoR user, complete section 1 of the form. After you have completed section 1, and signed, please email the form to Selena Connealy connealy@epscor.unm.edu, at the EPSCoR office, to verify your inclusion in EPSCoR. You can reference this page EPSCoR for more information.

  • Your submitted account request won’t be processed until the HPC team have received the signed form from the EPSCoR office

  • If you are a Non-NMSU User and you don’t belong to the EPSCoR research group, complete the HPC Affiliate Authorization Form(Section 1 and Section 2), have it signed, and then upload the form.

  • Once the account request form is submitted, HPC team will review the request and then contact you within 1–7 business days. Feel free to contact at hpc-team@nmsu.edu if you have any concerns/doubts.

Step 3 - Complete First-Time Login

  • The first step after getting the Discovery access is to complete the first-time login process in Open OnDemand Discovery Portal. Open OnDemand provides a web GUI to access all the Discovery’s HPC resources.

  • To complete the first-time login process, follow the instructions in this page → First-Time Login for Affiliates. After the first-time login process is completed, you can start using the Discovery resources.

SSH or SFTP Login

  • If you want to do SSH or SFTP login to Discovery, you have to connect to the NMSU VPN network first. To do that, refer to the instructions → NMSU VPN Access

  • Once connected to the NMSU VPN successfully, you can do SSH login by following the instructions in the page → OpenSSH


Questions/comments/issues, reach out to our HPC team by sending an e-mail to hpc-team@nmsu.edu