Reset Two-Factor Authentication for Affiliates(Non-NMSU Users)

Step 2 - Logging In

  • Enter your username/email.

Affiliates Login
  • Enter your password for the account and click Sign In button.

Enter Password

Step 3- Delete the existing authenticator

  • Select the authenticator option and then delete the current two-factor authentication by pressing the delete icon.


Step 4 - Scan the barcode

  • Now, you can setup a new authenticator. You need to install the app Free OTP in your mobile if you don’t have one.

  • After installing, scan the barcode which is displayed in your web page.

  • Then enter the one-time code which is generated in the app and give a name in the Device name field.

  • After you have entered the one-time code and device name, click Save. You will see a similar output like below:



The above output shows that the two-factor authentication has been successfully reset.