Conda Package Manager

Conda is a pacakge manager for programming languages such as Python or R. It differs from most languages native package manager as it includes external librarires/binaries built in other languages. For example many R libraries depend on external C/C++ libraries. The builting package manager for R only solves half of the dependency tree, just R libraries, while Conda solves/provides for the entire dependency tree.

All Conda usage on Discovery is, and should be, based on the Conda-Forge or Bioconda community-led package channels. Discovery is not licensed for the usage of the Anaconda commercial package channel.


There are 2 ways to use Conda on the Discovery Cluster. The first is to use one of the read-only global software modules. Second is to install Conda into your home, or project directory, using our in-house tool called SStack.

See Install for instructions.

Virtual Environments

Virtual Environments are a set of isolated packages containing binaries, libraries, configuration, and data that are linked together.

Creating virtual environments gives you the ability to have a set of custom packages combined specifically to meet your projects needs.

See Virtual Environments for instructions.